Welcome to my blog!

Hi there and Welcome!!!

I am so excited about getting this blog under way.  I have SO many ideas going around in my mind that I felt the only way to get them out was to start this!  I love anything DIY and have a couple of projects coming up to share, as well as old projects that I can show and give a little insight too.  I’m no expert, I just get inspired and do what I love and feel.  I am also a licensed cosmetologist and a full time hair stylist!  This makes for fun makeovers!  I’ll post some before and afters (of all sorts!) A little tease of my current project that’s almost finished:

photo 1-2


I am ALSO (oh geez…there’s more???) 5 months pregnant as I write this, with our first child a baby girl!!!  We are so excited about our little one especially since it took so long to get pregnant with her.  After trying for 2 years we realized we had to go the medical route and went with IVF.  Our first round took!!!  (A miracle!!!)  We are now expecting her around Dec 17 and are thrilled to have the BEST Christmas present in the world then.  Here she is at our scan last week:

photo-6 photo-5

And of course me with the bump!  I’ll write more about my experience with IVF in the future.  Every story is different and some easier/harder than others.


Thank you for taking the time to come here and look at my page!  Looking forward to all the future has and I will enjoy sharing it all with you!


Have a wonderful day!!